What We Can Do...

Did you know…..

Jeevan Vikas Sanstha (JVS-Amravati Diocesan Social Development Society)

* That an average tribal family in our operational area seeks to meet its daily needs with its earning of less than 1 US dollar a day
* That out of the total 10 million people within the 5 Civil Districts of Maharashtra - the geographical area covered by JVS Organization, there are about 1 million Below Poverty Line families whose annual income is less than US $ 400
That a tribal family of our area has 4-5 children to bring up and educate
* That 90% of the tribal and rural families of area do have individual or community toilets
* That about 40% of the tribal children of our area do not study beyond 5th class
* That 60% of the tribal families of our area go on seasonal migration with children for 3 to 4 months during the year in search of work to distant places
* That over 1500 debt ridden small and marginal farmers of our rural areas committed suicide over the last 6 years due to the agrarian crises
* That about 200 malnourished tribal children of Melghat in Amravati District died during the year 2006
* That over 60% of the HIV & AIDS patients of our area belong to the Below Poverty Line families and that they have no means for medical or nutritional care

Yes, We Need Your Support for……

* Promoting integrated human development and to ensure economic and social justice for all, especially people who are poor and marginalized people of the geographical area covered by our Organization
* Creating a world where all economic structures and policies guarantee the dignity and rights of every member of the human family
* Putting smile on the face of every poor and needy person we work with
* Facilitating to lead the Below Poverty Line families of our area to economic and social empowerment, prosperity and indeed New Life
* Providing financial support for the education, medical needs, housing and Income Generation Programs of the poorest of the poor tribal and rural families of our Area

You too can help us in numerous ways! We want your partnership in our work of empowering the poorest of the most excluded people of our society. We rely on your generosity to achieve this great and rewarding mission of putting smile on the face of every poor and needy person we work with.

JVS firmly believes in the spirit of Teamwork, Commitment for the common task, Co-responsibility, Transparent working habits and a Collective sense of fulfillment.

JVS is a Family where we work as sisters and brothers for the growth and development and for building up the lives of millions of our less privileged sisters and brothers of our backward Region, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.

We extend a very hearty welcome to you to join JVS Family! If you wish to be part of our growing Family and if you wish to play a role in our mission of putting smile on the face of every poor and needy person we work with, please contact us through our emails/telephone numbers.

Whoever you may be, whatever may be your religious, linguistic, geographical background - there are numerous ways in which you can help us to fight against the poverty of the people of our Region.

You can be part of our JVS Family as a Volunteer:
We believe in human capacities and the personal involvement of people who want to make a real difference in the life of the poor. We extend invitation to people who want offer voluntary services to the poor of our Region through our Organization

You can be part of our JVS Family as a Fund-raiser:
While doing humanitarian and development work for the empowerment of the poorest of the poor, we need funds to keep our working going, we need funds to take up new programs and we need funds to reach to the last poor person of our Region. For this, we need people who can motivate others - their friend circle, club members, Church members, Associations, etc - and talk to them about the humanitarian and various developmental works being implemented by our Organization and to invite them to be part of JVS Family>

You can be part of our JVS Family as a Donor:

A one-time or a regular donation to our Organization strengthens our hands to offer our very best services to the poorest of the poor. Consistent monthly donations provide a stable funding base for our Organization's programs and help to sustain our work to ensure social and economic justice for the poor and needy of our operational Areas.

We are urgently in need of funds to finance our up coming programs which include the following:

* Initiating Farmers Integrated Development Program in view of large number of debt-ridden small farmers' committing in our Region due to the Agrarian crisis which would cost us about Rs. 45,00,000.00 (EUR 80,000.00/US $ 98,000.00)

* Initiating HIV & AIDS Prevention & Control Programs in the Civil Districts of Akola and Buldhana which would cost us about Rs. 35,00,000.00 (EUR 63,000.00/US $ 78,000.00)

* Starting of a short-term HIV/AIDS Care, Support and Counseling Centre which would cost us about Rs. 40,00,000.00 (EUR 72,000.00/ US $ 89,000.00)

* You can adopt a Below Poverty Line - BPL tribal/rural families under the Family Sponsorship Program. A donation of EUR 1.100,00/ US $ 1,350.00 - given as a one-time donation or as an Annual Donation will help to bring a BPL family out of its poverty by providing its children with education, medical care of the family members, attending to the family's housing needs and starting of a viable Income Generation Program for the family. With this program, it is expected that within the span of 6-7 years, a BPL family will be able to come of its abject poverty.

* You can adopt an HIV or AIDS patient of a Below Poverty Line family for his/her medical and nutritional needs. A donation of EUR 60 /US $ 75 will help to provide medical and nutritional care for an HIV or AIDS patient for a month

You can be part of our JVS Family as a Friend and Well-wisher:
You can help us by your encouragement, good wishes and prayers. We always relay on God's Blessings when we give ourselves into the Mission of empowering the poorest of the poor.