Vision, Mission & Objectives


Inspired by the Gospel values we commit over selves to build a just and Sustainable Society by protecting Human Dignity.


To restore Human Dignity of the poor and marginalized through the process of Animation, Participation and with a Rights-based Approach.

Jeevan Vikas Sanstha (Amravati Diocesan Social Development Society) cordially invites Development wings of corporate sector, Governmental and Non-Governmental Collaboration and Partnership, as well as all people of Goodwill concerned about improving the conditions of Poverty, IIIiteracy, Child Labor and other Social Conditions that degrade human quality of life. Join in Partnership for the restoration of Human Dignity and Sustainable Development of the marginalized. Together let us bring the poor and the disadvantaged to the center-stage of Development Agenda and re-discover the process and emergence of "People's Power" through developing People's Organizations for self-development. Join us in our journey towards facilitating a brighter and better tomorrow for the poor and the needy and in making this world a better place to live in.


  • Love of the poor

  • Commitment & Dedication

  • Professionalism

  • Teamwork

  • Transparency

  • Decentralized Functioning

Goals & Objectives of JVS Organization

  • To promote and facilitate integrated human development particularly of the vulnerable section of the society

  • To establish institutions and train personnel for promoting human development, education community health and environmental protection

  • To hold and conduct seminars, training and development programs, meetings and also provide temporary accommodations for all those who are desirous of holding such seminars, meetings, study sessions, camps, etc

  • To conduct surveys, research, documentation and prepare information Education and Communication (IEC) material for the holistic development of the poor

  • To collaborate, net work and liaison with the government and non-governmental organizations towards achieving the goals of the organization